Will A 3 Gallon Air Compressor Run An Impact Wrench

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Air compressor is a very vital thing for everyday household tasks. But people often get confused about buying the air compressor. There are lots of things that you have to keep in mind when you purchase an air machine. Well, we will try to explain them quickly, and we will also discuss the impact wrench.

Will A 3 Gallon Air Compressor Run An Impact Wrench?

Air compressor is a very vital thing for everyday household tasks. But people often get confused about buying the air compressor. There are lots of things that you have to keep in mind when you purchase an air machine. Well, we will try to explain them quickly, and we will also discuss the impact wrench.

First of all, the air-filled impact wrench expects a specific smallest size air machine to work. Now the question is: will a 3 gallon air compressor run an impact wrench? Most people do not know the right size of the air compressor for the impact gun. Usually, you need to buy a 4- 5 CFM air machine with 90 PSI.

And it will be able to run ½ inch size impact wrench. Also, the capacity of the gallons should come with 20 gallons to evade delay issues. To get more details about the impact wrench and 3-gallon air compressor, you have to read this content until the end.

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How Much Air Pressure Does An Impact Wrench Need?

You must know the amount of air pressure you need for the impact wrench if you want to buy an air compressor with an impact wrench. It is very vital, and you must ensure it first. Well, the short form of the air pressure and the airflow is PSI and CFM, accordingly.

We believe that you know about the importance and power of air pressure. Mainly, the highest air pressure can ensure the most powerful tool. That is why first, you have to know the air amount and flow rate as well.

Another essential thing is that the size of the air compressor. When you need to go for the impact wrench, then the first thing you should know is the compressor’s size. In the right below segment, we will explain the exact size, air pressure, and impact wrench. So, let’s check it!

Recommended Compressor

As you know, there are many air compressors available in the market in different sizes, capacities, and airflow rates. Among them, we have found out some best air compressors for you. So, read the below-recommended air machines carefully so that you can buy the best one for you.

When you buy an air compressor, it is vital to check a few things to get better service. Firstly, you have to check the air compressor’s capacity and then air pressure and airflow accordingly. So, the critical points of the air machines are:

how much air pressure does an impact wrench need

DeWalt DXCMPA1982054

  • The capacity of the Tank: 20 Gallon
  • The flow of the Air: 5.7 to 5.8 CFM
  • The pressure of the Air: Maximum 157 PSI

However, before you select an air compressor, you have to know a few more things about the airflow units and air pressure. Yes, we are talking about the CFM and PSI. These two things ensure the airflow per minute and measurement of the pressure too.

So, the question can come of how much the PSI and CFM are needed for the impact wrench. It will depend on the impact wrench that you are already using. If your impact wrench is larger, then the machine needs more air power.

1/4-inch Impact Wrench

Now we will talk about the question: will a 3 gallon air compressor run an impact wrench. And impact wrench according to the air compressor and size. If one is using ¼ impact wrench then, you do not need to ensure lots of pressure.

Also, if your air compressor delivers up to 1.4 CFM, then ¼ inch impact wrench will be perfect for you. If you want, you can take another impact wrench, but you do not need it.

3/8 Impact Wrench 

Now, we have learned about: will a 3 gallon air compressor run an impact wrench? So, let’s talk about the 3/8 impact wrench of the air machine. You have already noticed in the above segment that the larger compressor needs a large impact wrench.

So, there is no necessity to use the larger impact wrench than the air machine. However, if you use a 3/8 impact wrench, you have to ensure some more power. Here, you have to provide at least 3.4 CFM for a 3/8 impact wrench.

Compressor for 1/2-inch Impact Wrench

You may know that the ½ inch impact wrench is very common. These are medium-size impact wrenches, and they do not require too high and low power. Instead, they need a medium airflow. But it might be tough to find out a suitable air machine for this impact wrench.

But yes, you will find out many options to buy the right one for this impact wrench. Usually, the 3.5 CFM to 5 CFM machine will be perfect for the ½ impact wrench. Well, our suggestion is to lock 5 CFM for you. It will ensure all the good things that one wants from your air machine. It’s the answer of the question: what size air compressor for impact wrench?


Lastly, we will talk about the one-inch size impact wrench. Usually, they are perfect for construction sites, and even they are very unusual for home use. They are very big, and you must ensure airpower as well.

That is why people do not prefer it for home use. Well, you have to provide 10 CFM for this impact wrench which requires a big budget. So, if you want to buy an air machine for home use, it will be better to skip this machine.


From the above, you already know about a different air compressor for a specific impact wrench. Now we will present the best tip that will help you a lot while selecting an air machine for you.

If you need to work with the rusted fasteners and frozen things, you should consider a two-stage air machine. Usually, the regular air stage comes with 125 psi, but the two stages come with 175 psi. It’s all about air compressor cfm vs psi chart.

What Size Of Air Compressor Do I Need for Impact Wrench?

In reply to the question: will a 3 gallon air compressor run an impact wrench, we have presented all the details about the air machines and impact wrench. But still, in this segment, we will try to show more information for your better understanding. We often notice that many people think it is good to select an air machine by calculating the air pressure.

But here we want to tell you that there are so many things that one has to consider before choosing one suitable air machine. Now, the question is: how much air pressure does an impact wrench need? Firstly, you have to check the capacity of the tank, which is very vital.

Suppose you want to buy an air compressor for the heavy task and buy the less tank machine. Then you will not get the better service as you require for the heavy tasks. On the other hand, you may purchase the 20-gallon tank, but you need an air machine for a simple job.

So, it is one kind of a waste of money. Whenever you decide to buy an air compressor, first determine what you are purchasing. After that, check the number of tanks, air pressure and CFM, and airflow as well.

From the above lists, you will understand which kind of machine you need. Moreover, you have to check the weight and portability of the air machine as well.

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Will A 3- Gallon Air Compressor Run An Impact Wrench?

We have already discussed all types of air compressors except 3-gallon. Mainly, it is a different type of air machine, and it does not need any impact wrench. Now you can ask why it does not require one impact wrench like the other air compressor.

Well, this air compressor is mainly designed for new and beginner air machine users. And this machine is very weak, that is, they cannot take the load of the impact wrench. However, keep in mind that it will not provide high air pressure.

what size air compressor for impact wrenchSo, you will not be able to do heavy work with this machine. However, you can consider this machine for a first-timer and little work. So, if you want to try an air compressor and do not need a powerful machine, you can try it. More or less you will get the better service according to the limit of this 3-gallon machine.

CFM Chart: According to the Air Consumption, Pressure, and Tools Size

We will show you a CFM Chart: impact wrench air consumption, according to the size, consumption, and air pressure. Let’s have a look at the air compressor CFM chart below:

Tool Size

Air Pressure

Air Consumption Pressures

¼ impact wrench

90 PSI


3/8 impact wrench

90 PSI


½ impact wrench

90 to 100 PSI


¾ impact wrench

90 to 100 PSI


1 inch impact wrench

90 to 125 PSI

10 to 16 CFM

Now you can ask that among the above list which one will be good for the household items. Usually, we suggest buying 20 gallons of air compressor, which comes within 10 CFM. Also, it comes with 90 to 125 PSI that ensures decent and quick service for household tasks.

On the other hand, you can select a 6 to 8 gallons compressor, ensuring the 3 CFM at 90 PSI. It is also suitable for heavy-duty. Mostly, if you want to get better performance, you have to ensure the proper impact wrench. And you can select the best one from the above chart.

Last but not least, be very careful and selective whenever you decide to invest in your air machine. We will suggest that you do not waste money on inappropriate items. This is all about air tool consumption chart.

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It is a very common type of air machine, and it is suitable for small tasks. You do not need any impact wrench as it does not ensure the highest CFM. If you want to buy an air compressor for a small job, you can go for it. It will not make you upset.
Mainly, the impact wrench is the thing that comes with one socket power wrench, which is designed for delivering high force output. Moreover, it works as an impact gun, impactor, air gun, torque gun, rattle gun, and windy gun. Also, it can store energy, and all these things are called by the name of the impact wrench.
The air machine can pump the highest pressure to fill any gas cylinder and control HVAC systems. Also, it works amazingly for power-inflated tools. Moreover, the air compressor can do all the heavy household tasks as well. 
If you want to get the air compressor's proper size, you have to calculate the CFM first. Mostly, the CFM of the machine depends on the capacity of the device. Once you know the CFM, it would be easy to find the proper impact wrench.
When you know the whole meaning of the CFM and SCFM, then you will quickly understand the differences between them. The CFM means cubic feet/ minute, and SCFM means standard cubic feet/ minute. So, you can consider SCFM as a standard measurement of the air compressor.
Now we will tell you how much pressure needs to run an air machine. Mainly, you need 10 CFM to run 120 PSI machines. But it may vary on machine size and impact wrench. From the above list, you can find out the proper air pressure for the specific air machine. 
If you want to use an air machine to fill the truck tire, you must use 20 gallons of air compressor. And the 90 PSI is enough for it. Indeed, this air power is enough to fill up to 80 gallons of the tank within a short time.

Final Words

That’s all about the questions: will a 3 gallon air compressor run an impact wrench? We hope one has a clear idea about the suitable air compressor and impact wrench at the end of this content. Also, you may know the right size, air pressure, and flow as well. Well, still, we will provide simple tips that will make your selecting task easy.

Always remember that the 6 to 8 gallons air compressor is better than any compressor for house use. And make sure that it comes with 3 to 4 CFM. On the other hand, you can buy 20 to 30 gallons of air machine for professional use, which come with 5 to 8 CFM.

And if one is a first-timer, then a 3-gallons air machine will be perfect for you. Lastly, we hope that this content will help you not waste your money on inappropriate machines or impact wrenches.

From getting knowledge about air compressors to purchase one you can contact us without taking any hassle. We are always open for you to make your buying decision more perfect. You can visit us at compressorvilla.com for any inquiry relating to an air compressor and complete a purchase decision as well. We wish you a happy journey on our website and hope you will be benefited from us. Thank You!

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