Rolair JC10 Plus Review 2022

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If you are searching for air compressors that are best at their work, you have to think of Rolair. Well, Rolair is very popular for its service and after-sales service. This company has been providing a good quality product for years. They have built a market especially for themselves. If you are willing to buy a compressor, then you should go for this company. Here you will learn more about Rolair JC10 Plus.

Initially, this company started in 1959. Since then, the company has been the talk of the town. People rely on their products because of their legendary service from the very beginning. They make both Air Compressors and Air Compressor Pumps. So, you don’t have to look elsewhere. However, today we are going to see the Rolair JC10 plus review.

Summary of Rolair JC 10 Plus

Well, if you look for a high-quality air compressor in the lineup of Rolair air compressors. You will find Rolair JC10 Plus. This air compressor has top-notch specifications and builds quality for its segment. It comes with an entire metal body with solid welding. Well, it is very lightweight as it is only 42.9 pounds. The weight distribution is good enough for it not to vibrate too much. It creates a minimum sound so you will not be disturbing the neighbors. The size and quality are perfect for the home. You can work at the garage and don’t have to wear earplugs. The power source is electric, and it takes only 120V.

Rolair JC 10 Plus Model

So, working from home is not a problem here. The specifications seem promising, and here are the features:

Oil-less Air Compressor

It is the best feature of this particular air compressor. It does not need any kind of fuel or oil. It runs using electric power. So, you don’t have to worry about fuel. You will also find something important as it costs lower than any other power method.

Compact and Easy to Carry

The entire air compressor is lightweight, as you already know. It weighs only 42.9 pounds which is hardly even weight for a machine or air compressor. You can quickly move this machine. You can keep it on the rear trunk, or you can carry it on your truck.

No Sound Pollution

You will get amazed that an air compressor does not make too much noise. Yes, this particular air compressor only creates 60db. It is impressive compared to the other available products in the market. The sound is low enough for you to work effectively at your home.


The tank is 2.5 gal, meaning it is enough for your everyday works. You can work on projects and don’t worry about completing half and leaving the other half. The machine has enough that can pull you through anything.


This air compressor comes with two pistons. So, it is a powerful pump, and the engine or the machine has durable parts that make it different from others. This splendid air compressor can produce 2.35 SCFM @ 90PSI. This little machine can handle three trim guns and two roofing guns altogether. There is no need to stop and refill the tank. It will generate automatically.


Though it is a smaller version, it has enough capability to work as a professional one. This has two pistons and two cylinders which can create 125PSI max. Thanks to those two cylinders, it does not make too much heat. This results in a good performance for a long time.


Rolair JC 10 Plus has a 1 horsepower motor. It is enough for the size and its purpose. You see, it can run as low as 1700 RPM. It is very low compared to other pumps; however, it creates less noise. So, it is environmentally conscious. This motor uses only 8 amperes. It means you can plug it in a regular 15amp or 20amp outlet with 120v output.

The Reason for Buying It

Well, this particular air compressor is enough for anyone who works from home or into DIY projects or small or medium projects. The features that are packed inside are enormous. You see, most of the air compressors get their power from oil. But it is an electric one. So, you are getting a swift advantage over here. Here are some key reasons for buying Rolair JC 10 Plus:

Rolair JC10 Plus Review

Key Features

  • It is an entire metal body machine.
  • Easily readable gauges.
  •  Max 125PSI and Lowest 90 PSI.
  •  It is 42.9 pounds, which means lightweight.
  • Comes with a 2.3-gallon tank.
  • The style and type of the air compressor are stationary.
  • Max sound level is 60db.
  • It has max input voltage 120V and 8amp.

These are the parts that make you want to buy it. The main attraction of this little air compressor is its size and weight. Perfect for easy maneuvering and controlling. It also comes with a warranty, so you can always claim for it if anything goes wrong.


Whenever you want to buy a product, you must ensure the performance. It does not matter how good it looks or how popular it is if it does not work correctly. You see, I have already provided you with a brief of the performance of the features. However, it does not end here. Rolair JC10 Plus Review is all about how this machine works and will be worth it. Trust me, it will be worth it as the performance of this air compressor is top-notch.

You can claim it as the best air compressor for woodworking. However, here are some key points about the performance of this particular air compressor:

  • If you start the air compressor, it will take only 55 seconds to fill the tank with 125PSI.
  • When the pressure drops to 95 PSI, a feature will kick in. That feature is a low-pressure switch. It works automatically and fills the tank with 125PSI.
  • 60 Decibels is quiet, and you will feel no problem working with it at your garage. There is no need for any earplugs if you are using Rolair JC10 Plus.
  • This particular air compressor delivers 3.8 CFM @ 40 PSI or 2.4 CFM @ 90 PSI.
  • You have to understand it is not for heavy-duty work. Hence, the maximum time for its continuous work is 40 minutes per session. This means you have to provide little rest to the machine after 40 minutes of the session.
  • The design of the air compressor is perfect for its segment. As most of you who will work from home will not need to be bigger than this one.
  • It does not require any oil as it is an electric-powered air compressor. Rolair JC10 Plus is an excellent example of a portable, perfect electric air compressor.

The performance does not end here. You can understand better when you use the product in hand. This particular air compressor has enough good reviews in its bag to be a suitable choice for you. You see, most of the air compressors get hot very fast. However, this little machine will last you for a continuous session of 40 minutes. The smooth running of the motor at as RPM as 1700 makes it an excellent choice. If you start using it, you will get the better sides of this air compressor.

Pros and Cons of Rolair JC10 Plus

Every product in this entire world has pros and cons. As it differentiates within the users, you are here for Rolair JC10 Plus Review. So, you should learn the usual pros and cons people face. These are from the personal use of different people. We have gathered information from our experts and from other reviews as well.


  • Upward gauges that are easy to see.
  • It takes only 14 seconds for a quick recovery.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • This creates only 60db sound.


  • The roll cage does not protect the air filter.
  • The tank is small for its capability.
  • You will not get any accessories.

You see, the pros and cons are mutual, and if we look on the bright side. This particular air compressor does not have any bad cons. It makes the compressor reliable and easy to handle. We have done our fair share of research and came up with this information. These are all honest opinions, and you will not be disappointed.

Buying Guide of an Air Compressor

You are here for the Rolair JC10 Plus Review. However, to buy an air compressor, the review is not enough. You have to learn how to buy the air compressor. For that reason, we have gathered a few tips and tricks for you that you can follow to buy the Rolair JC10 Plus. Those are:

  • Whenever you want to buy an air compressor, look for its powering method. Oil is expensive so go for the electric ones. Those are better and more efficient. You don’t have to worry about losing power or a shortage of fuel.
  • Look for the performance of the machine and the pump. An air compressor needs to have the proper power output ratio. A good air compressor should have pressure around 90PSI to 125PSI.
  • Sometimes the weight matters. If you have a heavy-weight air compressor, you will find yourself in a dire situation. So, go for the lightweight ones.
  • The power input is critical. Make sure you buy the one that works on 15amp or 20amp outlets and 120V. It will save your energy and provide you with a lower cost.
  • Go for the one that has a roll cage on it. It may seem vague, but a roll cage protects the vital areas of the machine.

Buying an air compressor is not hard work. Especially if you are buying a Rolair JC10 Plus. All you need to do is give a look at these tips and match everything.

How to Maintain an Air Compressor

Maintaining an air compressor is a simple task. However, you have to keep in mind a few things that can ruin the entire system. You don’t wanna do a few things and should do a few things. Those are:

  • Don’t get water on your air compressor.
  • Use a dry cloth to clean the air compressor after work.
  • Let it rest so it can get cool.
  • Basically, it depends on the air compressor itself. However, 40 minutes is a good time that provides 70% workability.
  • Try to use it now and often so that the engine remains in good shape.

Well, follow these steps, and the air compressor will be as good as new. However, don’t misuse the machine as it can get worse if you torture it.

Let’s Watch a Video Review!

Thoughts of Experts

Every type of machine has its own quirks and features. However, you and I are consumers. If we want to buy an air compressor, then we have to know what experts say. The Rolair JC10 Plus Review of experts is simple.

I have managed to get in touch with a few experts. My team and I got detailed information about this air compressor. From there, we described the product in the first place. You see, they say this machine is excellent for its price and size. It has excellent adaptability, and the pump can work silently. You can use this for 40 minutes straight, and it will not let you down. Moreover, experts pointed out that this machine only needs 8AMP to run so you can efficiently work on 15amp and 20 amp outlets. Furthermore, it takes only 120V.

Experts suggested that the specification and the features it has are more than usual. You can do small and medium projects at ease with this small air compressor. Moreover, it can run different items at a time. So, you also have versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we did a simple experiment with it. To figure out how it works and how efficient it is.
Well, you can easily do a medium and small range of projects with this hefty little air compressor. You don’t have to worry about the pressure. It has an automatic switch that allows the tank to refill efficiently.
It takes around 40 seconds to fill the tank with 125PSI. It has an automatic switch that helps it to replenish effectively.

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Final Thoughts

Rolair JC10 Plus is an overall air compressor that has strong build quality with a good machine. It can perform under pressure. There are various other examples in the market. Still, no other air compressors are this comfortable and easy to handle. The specifications and the features are unique to themselves.

You were here to get the Rolair JC10 Plus Review, and we hope you found what you were searching for. You can follow the buying guide to ensure the best quality product. Here you can also see the different attributes of this air compressor. If you want an air compressor that does not harm nature and is perfect for working at home or garage or in projects. Then this is the right one for you.

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