How To Use Porter Cable Air Compressor: Step-By-Step Guideline!

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Porter Cable air compressor has been highly popular in recent years due to its application in a variety of home and construction items. They’re used to power a variety of instruments, including a nail gun, a spray painter, and pneumatic tools, including drills, riveters, impact wrenches, and more. Air compressors have grown in popularity as a result of their ease of use while dealing with pneumatic equipment. They’re light and simple to move about. Because they have a higher power-to-weight ratio, they perform better. Because of the uniform fitment, switching between porter cable air compressor tools is simple. Depending on the use, they come in a variety of forms and sizes. Industrial ones are big and made to withstand a lot of abuse. The ones for residential usage are small and lightweight.

Porter-cable air blower are designed to be portable and small. Many individuals are hesitant to utilize these wonder machines because of the noise they create at first. Their engines are making this noise because they are sucking in air and compressing it for usage. This noise only occurs at the beginning. Porter-cable air compressors are quite safe to use. In fact, they’re safer than a lot of other power tool drivers. When using a porter cable air compressor, it’s always important to follow the safety guidelines. To know more on how to use porter cable air compressor, keep reading. And if you want to know specifically about how to use porter cable air compressor 150 psi.

Why Is Porter Cable So Well-Known?

Porter-cable air compressor is one of the more recent air compressor brands, having been founded in 1906. Many other air compressor manufacturers existed long before this, but they still have over a century of porter cable jetstream air compressor expertise. They are a popular brand to purchase since they can give you high-quality air compressors that are excellent for both commercial and personal usage.

How To Use Porter Cable Air Compressor

There are several more benefits of Porter-Cable when compared to other brands available on store shelves. One of these reasons is that they create air compressors in such a manner that they will provide you with the most beneficial and will fulfill any requirements you may have for any work. Not only that, but you can easily conduct coordinating work with them as well, and you will be pleased with the ultimate result if you utilize one. To know more about how to turn on the air compressor, go through the Porter cable air compressor user manual. You can also use the manual to identify why your Porter cable air compressor not working during operation.

What Distinguishes The Porter Cable Air Compressor?

Porter-Cable offers a wide choice of air compressors, each with its own set of benefits, but the Porter-Cable 3.5-gallon 135 PSI pancake air compressor hose is the finest option. This is due to the fact that it is shockingly inexpensive for such a high-quality air compressor. This air compressor is better ideal for lesser operations, and it is also portable. If you’re searching for a Porter-Cable air compressor that can handle greater projects, the Porter-Cable 20 Gallon Air Compressor is the finest option. This is because you can conveniently transport it; you can feel the high-quality standard while using it; it will function with any item that needs an air compressor.

What’s The Procedure For Using Porter Cable Air Compressor?

Before diving into the step-by-step instructions, it’s critical to understand what equipment you’ll need to operate this air compressor. The following are some of them:

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Plumber’s Tape
  • Hose
  • 115 Volt Electric Circuit;
  • Safety Glasses

Step-By-Step Guide

Connecting The Hose

There are two methods to connect the porter cable air compressor hose to the compressor: fast connect and direct output port. The porter cable air compressor setup determines the technique to be used. Modern compressors may benefit from quick-connect ports. It also enables the user to add more storage if desired.

Power Input

Turn the key points downwards to turn on the compressor. Make that the porter cable air compressor is connected to the correct circuit, which is usually 15 amps in most circumstances. Aside from that, make sure all the connections are correctly set up.

Automated Mode

Set the power key to the auto level so that the compressor will shut off automatically if it reaches maximum capacity. It will let you finish the technique with less effort.

Maintaining Consistent Pressure

At this point, you may connect the air tool to the hose’s opposite side. To connect the air tool, crank the compressor knob clockwise until the air tool is connected. The knob serves as a regulator for the air compressor in most cases. Both the Porter-Cable air compressor and the air device may now be used.

Removing The Air From Within

If you don’t want to utilize the air compressor, you’ll have to empty the tank of all the air. To do so, turn the drain valve’s thumbscrew counterclockwise. The porter cable 6 gallon compressor drain valve is located towards the bottom of the compressor tank. Check the increased CFM and PSI of the air.

Regulating Pressure Switch On The Air Compressor

It’s critical to adjust the pressure switch to achieve the proper pressure for precise work. However, individuals often make errors by using the try and error approach, which may cause the pressure switch to degrade. So, here’s how to change the pressure switch on a Porter Cable air compressor properly: There are two springs under the pressure switch. Between these two springs are a cutoff switch on the right and a cut in the switch on the left. Tighten the spring to increase pressure and relax it to decrease pressure. For tightening and loosening tasks, a screw is preferable. Regardless, twisting the spring clockwise increases pressure, whereas turning it backward decreases it. Before changing the pressure, make sure the porter cable air compressor drain valve is closed and the compressor is turned on.

Guidelines For Safety

It is critical to read the safety instructions for any air compressor. Most porter cable air compressors may be operated following the steps mentioned above. However, certain models may arrive with a different setup. As a result, reading the user handbook and ensuring that you have the required Porter cable air compressor accessories before running the air compressor will reduce the danger of an accident.

how to use a porter cable air compressor

Link The Compressor And Hose Properly

If you don’t use a quick coupler, make the connection between the air compressor and the porter cable air hose entirely watertight. To hold the tool in position and seal the connection fully and firmly, use a socket wrench and plumbing tape.

Wear Safety Equipment

Heavy-duty equipment, such as an air compressor, should be handled cautiously. At high speeds, the compressor might induce exploration. To protect your eyes from flying debris, put on protective goggles before operating the air compressor. Your hands will also be protected if you wear a protective glove. Furthermore, please do not use an air compressor while wearing loose clothing, as they might get tangled and cause damage. Apart from that, maintain a clean and airy working environment at all times. If the manufacturer doesn’t allow it, don’t hang any cables within the workplace, and don’t use the porter cable compressor outside. So to use this equipment safely, there is no alternative to knowing how to use porter cable air compressor properly.

Avoid Rusting The Compressor

When an air compressor rusts, it may lead to serious conditions. Rust might weaken the cylinder, causing it to rupture. Make sure the air compressor is moist and dust-free before storing it. If you need to re-use the compressor, inspect it for corrosion and rust and remove it if any is present. Fortunately, the porter cable air compressor’s non-corrosive components reduce the amount of maintenance required.

Remember That Decompressing Is Always Important!!

Remove the power supply and all pressurized air from the tank after it’s finished. Storing a full compressed air tank might weaken and destroy the compressor.


For optimal performance, clean the fitting and pipe before sealing. Check the air compressor on a regular basis to extend its life and prevent significant damage.

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Whether you already own a Porter Cable air compressor or intend to buy one, it is essential to understand how to utilize it. Operating the equipment for the necessary work will not be a problem if you know how to utilize a porter cable air compressor. More significantly, the procedure we’ve described will instill confidence in you and guide you through the proper use of this dangerous weapon. Also, remember those safety precautions so you can work more efficiently without causing any harm by implementing porter cable air compressor safety valve. We hope that now you know how to use a porter cable air compressor. Furthermore, if you’re looking for who sells porter cable air compressors, you may locate them on eCommerce sites like Amazon.

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