How to Use An Air Compressor to Inflate Tires 4 Simple Steps to Go

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It is always a great pleasure to everyone while enjoying a sound journey. But, this merriment becomes agony at any time as your tire may get flat in no time. In fact, none knows when he/she is going to face such a horrible incident. It may occur even at the time of your urgency. You do not have any idea when it can happen. You own an air compressor, that’s a great thing, to make your trouble ease. Here, we have given some guidelines for you on how to use an air compressor to inflate tires more conveniently including safety issues and maintenance guidelines. You will also get knowledge about how to use an air compressor to fill bike tires. So, go through the article to make the best use of your air compressor as well as to get better service.

In this phase, by reading this article you will know the proper usage of air compressors to inflate your flat tire. Let’s get started.

How to Use An Air Compressor to Inflate Tires

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Determine The Tire Influence

This is the very first step to ensure the amount of air pressure you need to inflate tires. In case of failing to provide the exact amount of air to the tire, the performance of the tire will not be fine; and thus this makes some unexpected problems for your vehicle. So, it is the first and foremost step to know about compressor PSI for inflating tires. 100 pound PSI (Per Square Inch) in each tire is a standard for most large trucks whereas 32-35 PSI is the average range for car tire pressure. To get the exact pressure amount to verify the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Do not use the tire sidewall’s PSI number that reveals the maximum number of pressures.

It is necessary to know about the model and design number of the machine. Also knowing about the tire gauge will help you because through a tire gauge you can know how much-compressed air your tire may need to add. If you add too much air into the tire, it will be tough for you to control the steering. On the contrary, adding insufficient air into the tire can undergo extra abrasion resulting in the rise of rubber’s temperature. Heat is harmful to tires as well as the steel cord inside.

Inflate the tire, when it is cold. Because cold temperatures always give actual perusal. Do not use air compressor tire inflators to inflate hot tires as they misdirect the tire gauge by showing a higher air clot. So, wait about half an hour to let the tire cool, if you face flat tire trouble. But, if you have a hurry or urgency, distend the tires to 3 PSI more than the required amount.

Ready Up The Tire

Get your tire properly ready before using the air compressor. Each vehicle has a cork in each tire coiled to the head of the valve system. First of all, take out the cork. And then keep the cork in a safe place so that you do not need to look for it for placing it again after the operation. After taking out the cork, some leaving wind could outstrip. It is rational to detach the cork when you are prepared to exercise the compressor.

Turn On The Air Compressor

As almost every air compressor runs on electricity, turn on the 12v air compressor to amass with air. Usually, small compressor units have two-prong plugs, however medium and larger ones have a plug of three-prong.


To keep the compressor risk-free use chords with equitable voltage. Do not run the defective circuit to avoid damage to both the compressor and circuit. After starting the compressor, you will hear a hissing sound which means the compressor begins to work. Having tires with portable units, they can be easily stirred around. As moving the vehicle is a herculean task, try to place the machine close to the flat tire. In this step, fix the hose to the machine and thrust into the fast adjustor at the edge to shove wind into the valve. Filling time may vary counting on the condition of the empty tire. If you have a gauge with your compressor, that will ensure the exact quantity of wind filling. By giving more precise information, a digital compressor can give you ease. Do not leave the compressor even for a while, if you do not want to overinflate your tires.

Abstract The Hose

Your tire is inflated with air. Now, this is the last step of inflating tires. Before intercepting the hose, make sure that your tire is properly inflated. To make this task easy, you can use a digital air compressor. Sometimes, it so happens that you mistakenly affix excessive air. Don’t worry, let out some air by using an air gauge. After ensuring the appropriate air count, take aside the hose from the machine. A hissing sound may be heard when removing the hose. Let it go- it is normal for machinery. Set the cap back in the right place. 

Now, we know the procedure of air compressor attachment to fill tires and how to use 12v air compressors. By following the aforementioned steps, one can easily inflate tires with a 12v air compressor without going for a professional service. So, as you know the process of inflating tires, it won’t be a headache for you even if you face a flat tire problem in the midst of your journey. Now, you get a thorough overview of how to use a porter cable air compressor to fill tires. Look for that you do not have qualms about how to use an air compressor to inflate tires.

Maintenance Guideline

To get the best outcome from your compressor and to use it efficiently for a long period, you have to be aware of using the air compressor tire inflator. Otherwise, you do not get the best benefit from it. Here, we have given some maintenance guidelines for you. Hope that you will follow the following guidelines.

1. Read the user manual thoroughly even if it takes some time. By reading this you will get an overview of the air compressor and this also helps you to repair minor problems of your compressor.

2. Inspect the compressor at a regular interval to check any abnormalities that may shorten the durability of the compressor.
Clean the compressor on a regular basis to keep it dirt-free.

3. Keep the compressor dry, cool, and in a safe place when it has no use. It is also wise to keep it away from children.
Flow out the water after the operation, as dampness damages the compressor.

4. Piece together the wire and air hose loosely with the machine’s handle to protect them from damage.

These guidelines should follow properly to lengthen the lifespan of one’s machinery.

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As compressors are made of steel, if the water is left inside the compressor, it will begin to rust soon. So, to avoid it, follow our maintenance guidelines. Even if it happens, use an air dryer to get rid of it or contact your nearest professional service.
This usually depends on the compressor's type that you use. To get a better idea, you can check your compressor manual.
Actually, it varies from types to types. Generally, the oil should change almost at a three-month interval.
This, in effect, depends on how often you run your machine and how often you take care of the compressor. If you run it occasionally and make sure the proper care of it, you may not need to service it more than once a year. Otherwise, it is not an option, you may need to service it thrice or fourth a year.
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If you go through the article, hope that you will get a complete guideline of how to use an air compressor to inflate tires. That’s all about it. In point of fact, the total process of using an air compressor and maintaining it is not such a labored task rather it makes your life easy. That’s all about how to use an air compressor to inflate tires.

Having an air compressor with you means it makes your journey facile. So, proper knowledge about the usage of an air compressor may relieve you of the unexpected hassle that you usually face in your daily journey. Also, you need to know its maintenance to lengthen its lifespan. Have a safe and hassle-free journey.

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