How to Use a Portable Air Compressor: Step by Step Guideline 2022

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Portable air compressors are the impressive power force of the tires and infrastructural sites. They supply compressed air to support all kinds of pneumatic tools. In this modern era, a portable air compressor appears as an effective deal for its superb advantages. We wish our information article will help you to evaluate various compressor behavior and how to use a portable air compressor efficiently.

How to Use a Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor is good for its various purposes relating to its basic services and additional beneficial issues as people call it the best digital tire inflator. The basic services adjourn with ease inflating tires and gas cylinders, empowering pneumatic material like grinders and wrenches, etc. And, the additional benefits of it connect with easy operating systems and handsome durability. In this article, We will explain how to use a portable air compressor and the total ins and out of it.

how to use a portable air compressor

The Basic Facts of Portable Air Compressors

  • You should have acquired proper knowledge about PSI (Pound per square inch) before purchasing air compressors. Your machine’s required current PSI must have been known to you before it started inflating. We will discuss more PSI to clear all of your confusion related to it.

  • Because of the different designs and materials used in air compressors, the airflow production varies from compressors to compressors.

  • A large number of air tools require 7 bars but the airflow creation amount differs from various types of compressors.

  • You must purchase air compressors according to your machine type focusing on how much airflow the machine demands.

  • Maximum number of air compressors are built with oil energy injection proceedings.

What is PSI?

We think that the earlier term introduced as PSI is quite unknown to you. Now, we are trying to clarify PSI for your better understanding of air compressors. Measuring current and required PSI is the first and foremost requirement of how to use a portable air compressor procedure.

PSI stands for pounds per square inch involved in the air pressure measurement of your machine. PSI makes the inflation procedure easier for you as you can easily calculate how much air you need to be injected. Suppose your tire requires 90PSI and your tire’s current PSI is 70 then you easily understand that 20 PSI is actually needed for it.

You need to measure the current pressure before inflating tools by using a component known as a digital pressure gauge. The digital pressure gauge is a material which is added with the air compressor for measuring the Air pressure. After measuring the current pressure you need to check the required pressure of your pneumatic tools.

If the PSI level is not perfectly matched between the current and required rate then you will not be able to fill the tires properly and will face troubles to ride as well. Nothing to worry about, measuring PSI is rocket science. In this article, We will provide the proper guideline about measuring PSI and you will also get many videos relating to how to measure PSI on the internet.

The Basic Functional Proceedings are

The question of how to use a portable air compressor needs two steps of functional procedures to inflate the tires. First, you need to check the current and required pressure of your tools then you will have to inflate air inside the tools. The inflating proceedings are delivered in the following elaborately for your better learning.

best digital tire inflator

Check the PSI Level

First, you need to measure the current and required air pressure (PSI) of your machine for air inflating. When you get the current pressure of your tire, this will make things easier to identify how much air you need to be injected through the best digital tire inflator. Now we will tell you how you can measure PSI. First, you have to measure the current PSI of your tire. You always need to keep your car cold as a hot tire shows extra pressure and wrong results which may cause tire bursting.

You will get a material called a digital pressure gauge with your compressor or you can buy it individually from outside. This gauge is used for measuring air pressure. First, You have to unscrew the cap of the valve and connect the gauge with the valve. After connecting the gauge with the valve, you need to press the gauge then a hissing sound will produce and then the gauge shows the air pressure immediately. You have to do it several times to get the perfect result on the gauge. You need to note down the current air pressure showing on the digital pressure gauge on your smartphone or paper.

Now you need to measure the required PSI which you can find on your pneumatic tool’s packaging box or user manual guides.

For tires, we will find two required PSI as operating pressure and maximum pressure that create confusion in your mind for choosing one in the account.

Operating pressure tells us how much air the tire needs to operate. The amount of operating tire pressure is stuck inside the car’s front door. 

The maximum PSI tells us the highest amount of air that the tire can carry. You can get the maximum air pressure on tire sidewalls.

You will have to take the operating tire pressure on account as required PSI. Operating tire pressure shows the actual pressure that your tire demands to do its job.

Air Filling Proceedings

To fill the tire first you need to uncap the stem cap of the valve adhered to the tire and then connect the hose of the compressor with the valve. After proper connection of the tire and compressor you just down the hose and switch the compressor on and it produces a harsh sound of the motor. Nothing to worry about, the harsh sound indicates that air is starting to inject into the tire. You need to focus on the digital pressure gauge until it reaches the required PSI. When it reaches the right amount of air then you have to detach the hose from the compressor. There are some digital air compressors that monitor the air pressure and automatically off itself when it reaches the required pressure rate. 

If you accidentally inject more air than your tire needed, you can reduce the extra air by pushing the gauge down on.

When you complete the required pressure rate on the digital pressure gauge and remove the hose from the compressor, the inflation is over. I think it is as simple as you eating a burger from a wrap. Check the PSI, connect the duo (compressor and tire), switch it on,  fill it and remove it and it’s done. You can fill all the tires or pneumatic tools by air by doing this easy task.

Control System

how to use a portable air compressor

The engine has different signing options to show the energy levels of the engine. The Red or Green signs indicate the energy levels and temperatures as you can easily understand what your machine wants. You have to start the inflator to supply the compressed air into the machine and stop it as the machine is completed at the required PSI level. Maximum air compressors are designed with an easy pattern like a start/stop button. So, You can use it hassle-free because no complicated setting systems are endorsed with the compressors.


Portable air compressors are available with these different options.

  • Two Bar

  • Heavy Compressor

  • After Cooler

  • Re-heater

  • Cold Start

  • Moisture Traps

  • Spark-arrestor

How to Use a Portable Air Compressor

In this article, we are going to sort out how you can make sure durability through your proper maintenance. To ensure durability and long-lasting use of your compressors you need to monitor, repair and replace the fittings and materials of your compressor as regularly as possible. With these tips and techniques in mind, you will have all the knowledge of being an expert at operating the best digital inflator safely and effectively.

Some of the most important maintenance procedures are mentioned below that should be maintained whenever you want to use the portable air compressor.

How to Use a Portable Air Compressor

  • Examining the air and oil leakages and securing the leakages regularly.

  • Check the air filter condition and keep it fresh as possible.

  • Changing the oil whenever it converts older and filthy.

  • Maintaining the energy levels perfectly.

  • Keeping a safe temperature regularly to avoid overheating.

  • Evaluating the machine’s body for breakages regularly and replacing the parts when affected.

  • The best digital inflator needs to be healthy and reliable. A high-quality air filter is a must as it is often used in dusty environments.

These are just but a few of what you should look out for if you own or use an air compressor. For more instructions, you need to check your compressor’s user manual.

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Frequently Ask Questions

There are few steps to connect the air hose.   1. Start the engine. 2 Measure the current pressure of the tank or car.  3. Connect the valve of the machine with the hose. 4. Measure the required PSI levels of the machine. 5. Open the valve and start on the machine. Complete the PSI level. 6. Remove the valve from the hose.
It is as simple as you connect your charger to your phone. After starting your engine you have to check the air pressure through the air gauge then set the pressure as your choice. After choosing the pressure you tie the hose with the valve and switch the air compressor on. 
While you decide to fill the tank by air compressor then first mark the PSI level of your tank and after connecting the valve with your hose complete the PSI level on the digital pressure gauge. When it is completed then remove the valve from the hose.
o adjust properly the air control valve you must turn the valve open after connecting with the hose of the compressor. The down valve tells that it is working and when you want to remove the valve then first turn the valve up and then remove it.

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Every portable air compressor model combines different structural and functional designs, and operating systems each of them may be quite different. Portable air compressors are very acceptable air compressors for their impressive functional support and other beneficial factors such as ease of connection system, use for various purposes, ease of learning procedures, etc. We hope now you can imagine a complete image of portable air compressors and how to use a portable air compressor as well which will assist you to analyze the best one as your demand and choice. When using a portable air compressor, the important factors you should consider are its capacity, maintaining the balance between high volumes, and ease of portability into consideration. 

We always try to justify various compressors to provide a proper image of products. Emphasizing basic operating and learning proceedings we try to ensure a better product and service knowledge to compare for the customers. We think this article will help you to understand how to use a portable air compressor and you will share the information with others spontaneously.

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