How To Use A 12v Air Compressor: 4 Simple Steps to Go

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The purpose of an air compressor is to aid you to inflate your vehicle’s tire, children’s football, basketball, or anything else when you face a flat or vacuum pneumatic problem. We wish our information content will help you to evaluate various compressor behavior and how to use a 12v air compressor efficiently. You know that there are various air compressors available in your nearest market with the importance of your needs. Here, in this article, we try to give you an idea about a 12-volt air compressor through which you can decide which types of compressor you should have according to your need.

how to use a 12v air compressor

A 12v air compressor is convenient to handle because of its flexibility and tiny shape. So, having a 12v air compressor with you is always a great amenity for you. We are trying to give you a concept of how to use a 12v air compressor. We hope that you will get a crystal clear idea about how to use a 12v air compressor, its behavior, and maintenance by going through this informative article. So, let’s get started.

How To Use A 12v Air Compressor

Before knowing about the usage, behavior, and safety measures, let’s understand what is a 12v air compressor. A 12v air compressor is an excellent option for people who are seeking an easy and portable solution. Suppose you are looking for a compressor that is convenient to handle and easily movable. In that case, a 12-volt air compressor is the best companion for you to ease your task because it can absolutely meet your demand. There are a lot of compressors available. With remaining all the air compressors available in the market, we call it the best 12v air compressor because of its easy appearance. Hopefully, you will get a clear idea about how to use a 12v air compressor and its usage by going through the below content. Now, we will know how does a 12v air compressor work. Here’s the usage of a 12-volt air compressor for your vantage.

12 volt compressor operating instructions

Usage of a 12-volt Air Compressor

Step 1: 

In this very first step, first of all, ensure that how much air you need to inflate in your flat pneumatic tools, whether it is your children's football or your loving vehicle. Because if you push much air than the exact demand, your machinery's performance may not be well, which can bring about the mishap. It is wise to ensure the amount of air you need to inflate before you attach the compressor to your machinery. There is a standard PSI that varies from vehicle to vehicle. Have a look at the owner's manual to get the exact amount of air because this will help you a lot to inflate the right amount of air.

By using a tire gauge, you will know how much air you need to add. And this will help you from inflating excessive or insufficient air into your tires or anything else. Putting insufficient or excessive air can damage your machinery.

Do not inflate a tire in warm condition. Always try to inflate, after it is cold. When you face a flat tire problem, wait about 30 minutes to let the tire cool, then inflate it. On the contrary, if you don't have enough time to let the tire cool, inflate the tire more than 3 PSI than the exact number.

Step 2:

Properly ready your tire before adjusting it with the compressor. Please take out the tire's cork from its head and keep it in a safe place so that you do not need to search it anywhere after inflating the tire. Don't panicked if you hear a hissing sound when taking out the cork because some left-out air may release after you take out the cork.

Step 3: 

Almost every compressor is electrically driven, so turn on the compressor. You can easily place the compressor near your vehicle as it is easy to handle. In fact, it is the best feature of a 12-volt air compressor. To save both your compressor and circuit from damage, avoid using the defective circuit. A hissing sound can be heard while starting the compressor as it is a common feature for almost every air compressor. How much the tire is empty is a condition for the filling time of the compressor. A digital compressor can ensure you accurate information. It is unwise to leave the compressor while filling because your negligence may over inflate the tire.

Step 4: 

This is the very last step of filling tires with a 12-volt air compressor. Now, your vacuum tire is filled with air. Before detaching the hose, make sure for the last time that your tire is fully inflated. Also, you can make this task easy only by using a digital compressor. If you mistakenly add additional air to your tire, don't be alarmed; instead, let some air get out by using a gauge. Then, finally, take off the hose after confirming the exact amount of air into your compressor.

This is totally a piece of cake for you when you know the entire process of how to use a 12v air compressor. And knowing how to use a 12v air compressor to inflate tires, you may not need to go for a professional service for small issues. And the most important fact is that, when you face such trouble in your midway travel where there is no professional service, this can't fall you into trouble because of your sound knowledge about inflating tires. So, having a 12 v air compressor with you will always keep you relaxed.

Safety Measure

12v air compressor is a unique one because of its salient features and we try to give you the required guidelines on how to use a 12v air compressor. We will get the best output from machinery if we can ensure its care. Our wise usage can lengthen its durability. Here, we have given some safety measures to increase the durability of a 12v air compressor.

Safety Measures of 12v Air Compressor

1. Before using the compressor, check the wire and other concern issues carefully whether there are any defects in the compressor. This may save you from any unexpected accident.

2. Do not coil the wire unevenly rather let them stay free. Otherwise, there may have some leakage which can create casualty.

3. Keep the compressor away from children.

4. Be aware of the insects so that they can't cut the wire into pieces.

5. Keep the compressor dust-free as dust can rust your machinery.

Let’s Watch a Video Review!

By following the measures mentioned earlier, you can get the best service from your compressor.

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Frequently Ask Questions

We have tried to give some frequently asked questions here based on your needs.

➢  How often should the oil be changed?

It mainly depends on what type of compressor you use. You need to change the oil after every 9 to 11 months if you use a rotary screw compressor. In general, one needs to change the oil every three months interval.

➢  What should be the hose’s size of my compressor?

According to many air compressor manufacturers, 1/4″ and 3/8″ are the most accepted size. But it also varies on compressor’s type. If the compressor is large in size, then you can use a large diameter.

➢  What should I do if the water stays in my compressor?

If water stays in the compressor’s tank, it will begin to rust soon because of its steel body. If rust reaches an extreme level, you should contact your local service. You can use an air dryer to get rid of this problem.


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A 12V air compressor is the best air compressor for you, whether you are professional or amateur. It is unique in this sense that you can use it for inflating your child’s football or your vehicle, whatever your pneumatic problem is. We hope that you will know how to use a 12v air compressor if you read our informative article thoroughly. Here we have given you the information about how to use a 12v air compressor and the necessary safety measures for your convenience. If you follow our instructions properly, we hope that you don’t despair. Have a hassle-free life with the 12v air compressor.

We, Compressor Villa, always try to give you a neutral suggestion about the compressor through which you can make a decision to buy a compressor that is best suited for your needs. From your choosing a compressor according to quality to purchasing it, we are always ready to help you as a loyal friend. If you have any query about the compressor, let us know about it so that we can assure you about it. From getting knowledge about air compressors to purchase one you can contact us without taking any hassle. We wish you a nice journey with Thank You!

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