How To Fold a Bandsaw Blade In 3 Simple Steps!

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Because the bandsaw blade is composed of metal, folding bandsaw blades or unfolding it requires a great deal of care. If you lose attention for even a few minutes, the sharp edge of the blade might hurt your hand or other materials. If you are new at bandsaw blade folding, you must learn the basics of how to fold a bandsaw blade for the first time. It would make your work simpler and protect you from any unforeseen circumstances. Bandsaws feature some of the biggest blades in the whole saw class, and they must be kept correctly to ensure that your blade and bandsaw last a long time. You could be staring at the blade and wondering how it’s possible to fold it – but we’ve made it simple for you so you can securely store your bandsaw blades in the future. Continue reading to learn how to fold a bandsaw blade in detail.

What Is The Purpose of Folding or Unfolding The Bandsaw Blade?

You must carry your saw blade while changing it or removing it for sharpening reasons. If you don’t fold it correctly, it might take up a lot of space. There are also a number of security concerns with the saw blade movement. To protect your hand from a major injury, you must wear a thick pair of hand gloves. Experts recommend folding a bandsaw blade because of its safety and portability. It will aid in the smooth and efficient movement of your bandsaw. Coiling the blade also aids in appropriate storage. If you aren’t using your bandsaw for a while, you may fold it up and store it for later. It will also lengthen the life of your bandsaw.

What Is The Best Way to Fold A Bandsaw Blade?

As you can see, you need the blade, yourself, and a pair of gloves to do this task. You can certainly do this without gloves, but if this is your first time folding a bandsaw blade, it’s definitely preferable to do so until you’ve mastered the technique.

Another phrase you could come across is ‘coiling.’ With a bandsaw blade, it is effectively the same as a folding blade. Following that, we’ll go through the actions you’ll need to take to fold and store your bandsaw blades securely.

Tools You Need: 

  1. One Bandsaw Blade
  2. One Pair of Gloves

Steps By Step Guide: 

Let’s get into the step-by-step guide on how to fold a bandsaw blade.

Step 1: 

Hold the blade in front of you with one hand while maintaining the blade’s teeth pointed in the other direction. That glove comes in helpful at this point. With half of the blade on the ground, you should have constructed a loop in front of you.

Step 2:

Now that you have this loop put your foot inside of it. You’ll need to step on both the blade and the floor once you’ve placed your foot within the loop to lock it to the ground.

We’re almost done folding, and we’ve only just started!

Step 3:

The last phase. It’s time to fold after you’ve secured the blade on the ground with your foot while still gripping the top of the blade. To do so, concurrently lower your hand as you gently lower yourself to the ground and rotate your hand at the same time.

You’ll see that the blade has started to coil as you continue to spin and gently bend towards the earth. The blade will create three different coils by the time you achieve a total rotation of 360 degrees while rotating your hand. This is how to fold bandsaw blade is folded. Thus it is also very important to know how to coil the bandsaw blade.

Isn’t it straightforward? Folding takes little time, and once you’ve mastered the techniques, you’ll be able to fold bandsaw blades swiftly and securely in the future.

Additional Tip

As you may be aware, the bandsaw blade becomes clogged with dust and lubricants while on duty. You must clean the blade after removing it from the bandsaw before folding it. This will make folding the blade much easier. A sharp blade is simple to grasp and transport. A filthy blade might be slippery and cause injury to your hand. The blade may be cleaned with a dry cloth. It will also assist you in removing any dust and lubricants. You won’t be able to clean it after the fold if you don’t clean it before the fold. Because the fold of another portion will cover some of the sections. As a result, cleaning the blade at this point is simple.

Safety Precautions

When dealing with any kind of sharp equipment, always consider your safety first. With this handy safety material, you can protect your skin and eyes. This will assist you in avoiding any work-related injuries. You may put on eyewear, a skin protector, and hand gloves to protect yourself while working. Bandsaw blades are razor-sharp, heavy-duty cutting tools. As a result, you must take precautions in light of the situation. At the very least, you must wear a hand glove. This will protect your hand and prevent it from being sliced. There are many different kinds of gloves available on the market.


You should now have a better grasp of how to roll up a bandsaw blade and be able to do it properly without harming yourself or causing damage to the blade. Following these methods a few times and folding a couple of bandsaw blades will become second nature – akin to learning to pedal a bike.
Of course, this is just one technique of folding them; there are a few more options. However, this is the simplest – and therefore the safest – alternative. Hopefully, you’ve learned how to fold a bandsaw blade now.

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