How to Fill HPA Tank with Air Compressor

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You might have got directions on how to use an air compressor to fill up portable air tank and blow up balloons. Now you may think about how to fill hpa tank with air compressor. For better understanding, I would like to inform you about the HPA tank before giving you the directions for hpa tank refill. 

How to Fill HPA Tank with Air Compressor

You can call compressed air as HPA (high-pressured air). You need high-pressure gases for the paintball tank for air tank refill. You can find the different sizes of hpa tanks and can be found in 3000 PSI or 4500 PSI. The hpa tank can be small, handheld, and large for mountain vehicles. A paintball hpa tank is used for assembling vehicles. But if you wonder can you fill a paintball tank with an air compressor, then you will find a solution in this article.

Advantages of Using HPA Compressor for Paintball

You should better know the advantages of using an air compressor before you know how to fill a paintball tank. 

  • Less Expensive: If you have a reliable air compressor, it will save your money for a long period of time to fill paintball tank air compressor. It will very expensive refilling hpa paintball tank from local paintball stores or shops. 
  • Reduce Hassle: If you know how to fill a hpa tank at home, it will be very convenient because you do not need to go out to fill hpa tank. It will also save your time.
  • Air Quality Is Better: Although you stay at a store because you want hpa tank refill near me, you won’t be able to understand whether any contamination or impurities can negatively affect on the performance of the paintball tank.
  • Increased Air Pressure: you will need much air pressure to fill the hpa tank, and an air compressor can ensure increased air pressure.
  • Portability:  you can easily move the air compressor, so you can bear it wherever you want.
  • Easy to Use: You don’t need to be an expert or do not need special skills if you want to know how to fill a paintball tank with an air compressor. You can know how to fill a air tank by using an air compressor by yourself.
  • Versatility: You can use an air compressor for a variety of reasons. You will find in our previous articles different use of air compressors for various tasks, including how to fill a portable air tank in 2 simple methods

The Instruments You Will Need to Consider 

You need to consider some requirements before you start the steps for how to fill a paintball tank with an air compressor.

  • HPA Compressor for Paintball: The compressor should be compatible to work with the hpa paintball tank. It should have enough power to fill the hpa tank. The air pressure and airflow are important things to be considered here. The air pressure should be 4500 PSI or 5000 PSI to fill hpa paintball tank. Big air compressors can compress air faster per minute than smaller air compressors, known as airflow capacity. So the compressor you choose relies on the running duration to fill the hpa tank.
  • HPA Tank: You can buy high-pressure air tanks from shops that might be different. You will get an idea about a different kind of hpa tank in the next paragraph of this article.
  • Hose and Adapter: An adapter is needed to connect the compressor’s hose to the hpa tank valve.
  • A Bleed Valve: A bleed valve is necessary to release some of the pressure from the tank.

Kinds of HPA Tank

Highly pressurized oxygen is needed for high-pressure compressed air. Compressed CO2 can also be compressed in the form of liquid. There are mainly two types of hpa tanks found in the market. 

  • Fiber-Wrapped HPA Tank: The hpa tanks which are designed with carbon fiber formed into cylinders, are known as fiber-wrapped hpa tanks. You can warehouse these tanks at a high-pressure condition because they are lightweight. But these can stay for a longer time period.
  • Aluminum HPA Tank: These tanks are very heavy to bear, but the size is small. These tanks can last for a longer period of time. They are cheap and available.

Steps You Need to Proceed

There are several steps you need to proceed to know can you fill paintball tanks with an air compressor. Follow the given steps carefully.

Step 1: Inspection of The Hpa Tank: You need to check whether the hpa tank has any leakage to avoid any damage. If you find any leakage, you must repair it or replace it with a good hpa tank. Also, you need to ensure high-pressure air in the tank as it will not work properly.

how to fill hpa tank

Step 2: Empty The Tank: As you are going to refill the hpa tank then you have to release the air from the tank. So you need to take it to a well-ventilated area and open the air release valve to release the air. Selecting a well-ventilated area is important because it may cause breathing problems if you release it in the house. 

Step 3: Setting Up the Compressor: To head toward the filling, you need to set up the compressor. So for this, you need to use the nozzle to attach the hpa tank to the air hose of the compressor. You could use an adapter if you needed. 

Step 4: Start The Compressor: To start the compressor, you need to power the air compressor. So here you have to make ensure that you charge the battery fully. Here you can use either battery power or electric power but you need to connect the cable appropriately so that it can avoid any damage. Then start the compressor and let the hpa tank fill slowly.

Step 5: Measuring Proper PSI:  The PSI of the compressor should be as per the requirements of hpa tank to fill the tank with the desired air. You can know the PSI from the pressure switch of the compressor. Then you need to close the valve before you remove nozzle from the air compressor. Thus the tank will be filled with the new air.

Step 6: Disconnecting: You need to switch off the power to turn off the air compressor.

Step 7: Store The Tank: You have to make sure a safer place to store the tank because of not causing any harmful effects. Do not place the hpa tank on an open surface because it causes damage. 

Safety Measures

It would help if you also were concerned about the safety measure, as you have to know how to fill hpa tank. 

  • A review of the tank once the five years is necessary as the hydro date of the hpa tank record the last time of the inspection.
  • Do not put the oil or grease on the nipple of the hpa tank. If you use oil or grease, it will cause fire because this will build up heat and make the lubricants warm.
  • Do not keep the tank under direct sunlight, and do not keep the tank in a hot car. Keeping the tank to the direct contact of hot will cause a burst as it can increase the pressure and damage the tank. So store the tank in a cool place.
  • You can use a tank cover or fabric bag to protect the tank from the external environment.
  • Do not be hurry to fill the tank and so keep the tank slow. It will avoid unnecessary loss of PSI. If you are quick, your 3000 PSI tank will end with the 2500 PSI. If you want to escape from the hassle, you better fill the tank at the store.

Final Words

So from this article, you have understood the steps of how to fill a compressed air paintball tank. Now it becomes clear to you about the benefits of using an air compressor to fill the hpa paintball tank at home. You also got complete guidelines on what instruments and safety measures you need, along with directions on how to fill hpa tank with air compressor.

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