Craftsman Air Compressor Not Building Pressure: Step By Step Guideline 2022

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Craftsman air compressor is a lightweight compressor specialized with powerful motors and heavy durability. Craftsman portable air compressors have wonderful air pressure generating capacity, making them one of the desires among all the air compressors. The very smallest 125PSI craftsman air compressor 3 gal has the capacity of producing 2.4 CFM @90 PSI which shows the smoothness of the craftsman air compressor in generating air pressure. But Craftsman has some issues as a craftsman air compressor not building pressure for which people dare to have this excellent air compressor. In our article, we will try to find out the lackings of this fantastic air tool without building pressure so we can solve the problem of craftsman air compressor not building pressure and make your purchasing decision more worthwhile.

Craftsman Air Compressor Not Building Pressure

Ins and Outs of Craftsman Air Compressor:

Craftsman compressors have a good name for building perfect air pressure at lower PSI. But the craftsman air compressor faced so many negative aspects regarding low-quality materials in built-in procedures. We are trying to clarify the positive aspects ofcraftsman portable air compressor and also notify why people dare to have this for material issues.  

Craftsman 1 hp 3-gallon air compressor has the capacity of generating 3.7 CFM @40 PSI which shows the capability of this fantastic air tool. Besides air pressure generating capacity, Sears craftsman air compressors are a very durable air compressor as it requires less maintenance as well. Direct drive, Thick rubber feet, lightweight, oil sight glass with excellent CFM producing system makes this compressor very acceptable towards buyers.

craftsman air compressors do not build pressure

Craftsman air compressors need proper assembly before being connected which creates bother to people and they feel less interest owing to this. So you have to acquire the proper knowledge of how to turn on a craftsman air compressor before owning it. Craftsman portable air compressors are noisy air compressors. A cheap air hose made of plastic is one low-quality aspect of this air compressor and this plastic air hose needs to be changed. The inflation end piece has no gauge to calculate the air pressure which is also a great functional disadvantage of a craftsman portable air compressor. People face problems with the regulator leaking with craftsman air compressors many times and they suggest not to buy it for heavy usages.

The Facts Behind Craftsman Air Compressor Not Building Pressure:

There are three basic facts of a craftsman air compressor for which it is not able to build proper air pressure which are:

1. The Intake Valve Failure 

2. The Pressure Valve Failure

3. The Broken Compressor Gasket

Intake Valve Failure:

The intake valve attached to the filter is positioned at the top of the pump situated for sucking air. The intake valve stops the air leakage to the filter for which the air pressure can be minimized for any kinds of valve hindrances. When you can feel the air at the filter then it tells you that something wrong is happening with your intake valve then you need to replace the valve. Sometimes you may have to replace the whole filter which may cause replacing both the valves. 

The Pressure Valve Failure:

The pressure valve is situated to supply the compressed air flow to the tank from the head of the pump through an air root. When the pressure valve is not working perfectly then the airflow will fall into the piston and the intake valve airflow also falls into the piston which hinders the airflow cycle. Checking the pressure valve function is not as easy as the intake valve. To do so, you need to switch off your compressor, free the tank fully, and then switch on the compressor and try to stop the air from coming out of the port. If you can then it means the pressure valve is not working. 

The Broken Compressor Gasket:

When the gasket of the compressor is broken, the airflow can’t circulate properly into the tank. It is very simple to check out the gaskets and you can check it by touch or watch it easily.

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Frequently Ask Questions

The intake and pressure valves, Gaskets, and Piston seals will not seem to be working perfectly and you will feel and stop the air also when a compressor will not build air pressure.  There are a few reasons why the gauge showing air tank pressure is not matched with the compressor behavior which are the intake valve failure, the pressure valve failure, the broken gaskets, and the damaged piston seals, etc. When your compressors behave like this then you need to check the mentioned elements as they are working or not.
There are various reasons why the compressor takes more time to fill up including problems in the intake valve, pressure valve difficulties, the broken gaskets, and piston seals, and capacitor and motor failure. You have to check all of these when your air compressor takes more time to fill up.
There are air pressure limiter screws positioned at the air compressor for raising and reducing air pressure. You just need to turn the screw clockwise to raise the air pressure as you demand. 
A 90 PSI air tool takes 2.5 minutes to build up air pressure. The more the PSI will be the more time the compressor will consume for generating air pressure.
When the internal function of the compressor is hampered for any reason or any kind of valve failure occurs then it causes a constantly running air compressor. But, the reciprocating units of the compressor need a certain amount of time to cool off so you need to compare the number of time-consuming units as before. 
There are two types of air compressors according to the design: Positive displacement and Dynamic displacement. The two different types of air compressors are adjourned with particular materials that control an air compressor's air pressure. The Rotary screw, the Rotary vane, Reciprocating units, Stationary Blades, and many more materials are used to control the air pressure of an air compressor.

Final Thoughts:

The above article tries to tell the facts of why craftsman air compressor not building air pressure and how it will be solved. Craftsman air compressors have excellent air pressure generating ability despite having some low materials involvement and pressure build-up difficulty issues. Craftsman portable air compressors consist of many analog materials including plastic hose and gauge less inflation end piece which needed to be changed to make it smoother and to solve the failings of craftsman air compressors not building pressure. But, Craftsman air compressors offer great advantages of producing maximum air pressure at low PSI and it is a fantastic air supply mechanism for the smaller pneumatic tools used in the house. If you take care of your Craftsman Compressor properly, it will be a great deal to perform your homely inflation activities.

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