Can You Use an Air Compressor to Blow Up Balloons: 6 Easy Steps to Go!

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Imagine you are going to celebrate your friend’s birthday and planning to give a surprise. But you are too late and have little time to blow up balloons for decoration. You may wonder about an easy way to blow up balloons in that situation. Can you use an air compressor to blow up balloons? Yes, you can use an air compressor to blow up a bunch of balloons quickly.

Now let’s see how you blow up balloons with an air compressor. You will consider some things before you blow up balloons with air compressor. This is necessary to escape from some troubles and difficulties. It will make the compressor to work properly. You will also need the right air compressor attachment for balloons. 

Specify Some Requirements of Air Compressor for Balloons: 

  1. Pressure Output:  To blow up tires, you will need more pressure. But in the case of balloons, you will need less pressure when you compressed air for balloons. And so, a small air compressor is enough for you because it can provide the necessary PSI for a balloons air compressor.
  2. Duration of Running Pumps: “Duty Cycle Rating” is a measurement which dictates the duration of running a pump to inflate balloons. For example, the pump should be put in rest for one minute for every one minute of Pump run time when you use the compressor for two minutes.
  3. Tank Capacity: If you deplete the storage tank quickly, it will cause overheating, and the pump would run frequently for which you will need to fill the tank again. If you use a larger storage tank, it will need a longer time to deplete.
  4. Moisture: The lower the moisture of the balloons, the better it is. So moisture-free balloons are important here. For this, you can install a moisture trap in your airline to receive water.
  5. Oil: Generally, most of the air compressors have built-in oil separators. But if you want more protection, then you can use an oil separator after installation.

The Necessary Tools You Need for Air Compressor Blow-Up Balloons:

  • Air compressor for blowing up balloons. It could be any kind. The small air compressor with 90 PSI is enough for blowing up balloons. The round balloons air compressors are useful and easy to use and are made of environmentally friendly plastics.
  • Air hose kits for air compressor attachment to blow air
  • Wide ribbon or string.
  • And balloons you want to blow.

The Steps You Need to Follow to Blow Up Balloons with an Air Compressor

In our pervious article, you have got an idea about how to use an air compressor to inflate tires. Now let’s see the steps for blowing up balloons with an air compressor.

Step 1:  First, you will need to turn on the air compressor to fill the tank.

Step 2:  You need an air compressor balloon attachment in this step. So, attach one of the hose to the air compressor and the other end to the airflow controller. Here you need to adjust the regulators such that the gauge reads 90 PSI or lower than this. It will avoid the explosion of the balloon.

Step 3: Attach the air compressor nozzle for balloons with the nozzle of the balloons and tightly hold it with your finger.

Step 4: Then, start slowly to release air into the balloons.

Step 5: When you fill the balloon with the desired level, close the balloon nozzle with your finger.

Step 6: Tie the balloon into a nock.

Pump to Inflate Balloons

If you wonder about you can use an air compressor to blow up balloons with an air pump, then you may have different options regarding pump to inflate balloons. You can use any air compressor to blow up balloons, but you need to be careful about the types of pumps to inflate balloons.

can you use an air compressor to blow up balloons

The types of pump:

  1. Hand Pump or Bicycle Pump: you can easily use a hand pump for inflating balloons. Here you need to use your muscle to give pressure. You need to put the balloons to the nozzle of the bicycle pump. Then move the end of the air pump up and down by giving pressure with your muscle to inflate air into the balloon. When you fill the balloon with the desired level, press the opening of the balloon before slipping the balloon off. After removing the balloon from the end of the pump, tie it into a nock.
  2. Electrical Pump: Electric pump is mainly used to inflate air mattresses, but you can also use it to inflate balloons. Here you need a tapered nozzle. The tapered nozzle is attached to the electric pump. Then you need electricity to make the electric pump to work. Then after plugging in, you need to turn on the electric pump and put a balloon hole over the tip. When the balloon is filled with air, turn off the pump and tie the balloon into a nock.
  3. Gas Station Pump: Surprisingly, you can use a gas station pump if you have no other option. It will work like an electric pump, but here you do not need an adaptor; it is difficult to inflate balloons with a gas station because you need to ensure that you can easily turn off the pump.

Other Easy Way to Blow Up Balloons Without Pump

Let’s see how to blow a balloon with your mouth instead of using an air compressor and pump.

  • Expand the balloon using your hand in all directions to crank the balloon. But you need to be careful so that it doesn’t expand too much.
  • Use your forefinger and thumb to nip the neck of the balloon. It is necessary to keep the balance of the position when you inflate the balloon with your mouth.
  • Kiss the balloon after taking a deep breath. 
  • Use your lunge to blow air into the balloon and ensure that the air passes into the balloon. 
  • After inflating, nip the balloon and tie it into a nock.

Another way is using a straw to inflate balloons. You may wonder how to blow up mylar balloons without using an air pump and helium gas.

  • Mylar balloons have a filling tap. You can locate it on the outside of the mylar balloons.
  • It would help if you implanted a drinking straw into the filling tab to blow up the balloons.
  • Pinch the straw and filling tab so that the air blows into the balloon and blows air into the balloon.
  • Take aside the straw after the balloon is filled with the desired level and close it by pinching the seal.  


You may know that you can use an air compressor for many uses. Professionals use air compressors in the industry, and household use it in their daily life. You can use an air compressor to inflate the tire. But you may raise a question can you use an air compressor to blow up balloons? So from this article, you have found a complete solution to blowing up balloons with an air compressor. You also have found how you need to use an air compressor and the types of pumps necessary to inflate balloons.

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