BOSTITCH 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review 2022

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Today we have come with a fantastic BOSTITCH 6 gallon air compressor review. First of all, it is an oil-free compressor and comes with a 150 PSI and 6-gallon tank. Mostly, it ensures the best- efficiency motor that allows you to use it in all weather. Even, you will get better service in the wintertime.

Usually, people do not want to go for the air compressor due to its noise. However, the Bostitch compressor comes with 78.4 dBA that is producing very minimal sound. And that is why one can consider this air compressor as an environmentally friendly machine.

One fantastic thing about this machine is that it has high flow couplers and regulators. These sorts of things help to ensure the highest air performance. Moreover, it is a portable, oil-free, maintenance-free, and durable machine.

BOSTITCH 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review

In a word, Bostitch 6 gallon machine has all qualities to make the air compressor’s usage easy. So, let’s proceed to BOSTITCH 6 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews.

Bostitch 3-tool compressor combo kit reviews

Individual Details of Product

If you think of purchasing an air compressor, it is vital to know each product’s details. Mainly, there different types of machines are available. So, without knowing about its effect, it will be tough to select one for you. Well, we will talk about the best two BOSTITCH 6 gallon air compressor reviews.

BOSTITCH 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review

Key Features

  • Tank: 6 gallons
  • 15 AMP draw
  • Oil-less pump
  • 50 to 75% duty cycle
  • Pumping time 2 minutes
  • 25 seconds refill time
  • 150 PSI (Cut-out)
  • 120 PSI (Cut-in)
  • 40 PSI for 3.6 SCFM
  • 90 PSI for 2.5 SCFM

Both machines come with updated features and durability. We will talk about product rating, sound, and diameter with all plastic edifices. We cannot but share that we have collected all the details from this machine’s expert users. So, read below Bostitch 3-tool compressor combo kit reviews to get a clear concept about the product.


  • Oil-less pump
  • Separate gauges for reading
  • Affordable price
  • High performance
  • 6-gallon capacity


  • Only one year warranty
  • Sometimes dial accuracy system varies


We can guess that you have a clear idea about the Bostitch air machine. However, in this segment, we will present all details, in brief, to get all info together when you need them.

Firstly, this machine comes with a 6 gallons tank, and it ensures an oil-free pump. Then BTFP02012 draws 15 AMP, and it has a 50 to 75% duty cycle. Moreover, BTFP02012 only takes two minutes for pumping. The 6 gallons tank only takes 25 seconds to refill and produces a cut-out pressure is 150 PSI.

Also, it has 120 PSI for cut–in force. This machine is very lightweight, and you can carry it with you anywhere. Mostly, with all these fantastic features and performance you will only get a reasonable price with a one year warranty. So, if you need an air compressor, then do not be late to grab this fantastic tool.

Pump and Motor

To start with, let’s talk about the pump and motor of the compressor. The Bostitch machine comes with one 0.9 HP motor. It can operate at 2700 RPM and can draw 15 AMP. Well, you need to install one new outlet if you prefer higher amperage.

Now let’s know about the pump of the air compressor. A pump of Bostitch does not require any maintenance. Mostly, this sort of machine does not need any oil for working.

Even, you will able to start the machine in a short time quickly. This oil-less Bostitch air compressor 6 gallon 135 PSI gets within two minutes. Indeed, a pump and motor of Bostitch compressor will not let you be disappointed. Now let’s read on below to know about the other features.


The tank is another essential part of the air compressor. Mainly, high quality and perfect size tank only can fulfill your requirement that you want from the machine. Firstly, you should know that how many gallons Bostitch air compressor 6 gallon has. Mainly, it comes with the 6 gallons.

From our point of view, 6 gallons are perfect for running your medium drain and carpentry applications. Mostly, we try to present authentic info in front of you. And that is why we collect many reviews of this air machine.

And most of the BOSTITCH 6 gallon air compressor review was positive, and users were very happy about the tank size and performance. Even most of its users love the system’s super-fast recovery systems. Well, this fantastic machine can recover within 20 to 25 seconds. That is a fantastic thing about this air compressor.

Decibels of Sound

Most of the time, people ignore buying the air compressor due to noise level. The air compressor indeed makes a noise that is a little bit annoying. But BTFP02012 produces 78.4 decibels. If you buy BTFP02012, you do not need to worry about its sound level.

Mostly, a regular air compressor those are available in the market comes with 110 decibels. This level of sound is very painful for humans and animals. According to this issue, 78.4 decibels is far better than the regular air machine; however, if you think that 78.4 decibels are also not perfect for you.

And you want to buy one almost soundless air machine then we have another option for you. Yes, you can go for an oil-less Rolair JC10 compressor. Indeed, this air machine only makes 60 decibels. So, if you have a noise issue, then do not look for any other compressor.

Portability and Dimension

Before buying an air machine, you should check its portability and dimension. Suppose you have to buy one heavy tool and cannot carry it with you when you go on a long trip. Then it will not be helpful for you. Even, sometimes people do not want to use tools due to heaviness.

Mainly, it is quite tough to manage a heavy air compressor. We know the look of the tools does not matter. But Bostitch BTFP02012 comes with a fantastic design and features.

Mostly, this compressor comes with the perfect weight and dimension. That ensures easy portability for the users. The weight of the BTFP02012 is 29 pounds, and the length is 14″. Indeed, it is a very lightweight air machine in the market. So, one can easily carry it when they go for a long trip without having any trouble.


You have already known about the features, tank, pump, motor, and sound level from the above discussion. Also, we have discussed the portability and dimension. Now let’s talk about the Bostitch air machine’s performance in the Bostitch air compressor first use. 

Firstly, we want to tell you that you can trust us without any confusion. It’s because we always collect accurate info from excellent sources. Even we gather information directly from the expert and users of a machine. So, you will get better service even than we are telling.

This air machine ensures high air pressure, and due to its oil-less features, it can work fast. Mostly, the Bostitch BTFP02012 air machine only takes 3 to 6 minutes to fulfill its tank. Also, it presents 150 PSI within two minutes. In a word, if you purchase this machine, then you will get better performance from it.

Why Should One Purchase Bostitch Air Compressor?

The service and performance keep this Bostitch Air Compressor a peek position for clients list. Also, BOSTITCH 6 gallon air compressor review on features as the best portable compressor.  

Firstly, it gives the privilege of militancy and an oil-free pump with delivery 2.5 SCFM on 90 PSI. At the same time, the tank’s highest limit of 151 PSI helps extra run time with quick recovery. Then, high-efficiency engine ease starts in adverse conditions like cold weather. 

The performance of this air tool is maximum due to Bostitch BTFP3KIT extra flow couplers and regulators. Also, two users can easily access universal couplers simultaneously. 

Finally, lightweight with the only 29lbs makes it very user friendly for carrying and storing. At the same time, a low DBA rating (78.5) gives you an ideal quiet environment for work.

Buying Guidelines with Tricks and Tips

This article has discussed most key features and differences of services and facilities of various air compressors. As a result, you can easily use this information to select the best machine for your workshop or garage.

It is best to know about this machine as much as possible before purchasing one. So, we are going to represent a detailed guide to buy the best compressor. So, you can easily access vital factors and aspects in terms of this air compressor.

Bostitch air compressor 6 gallon 135 PSI

Now, pay attention and slowly read its guideline to select a perfect machine for you. Otherwise, you will not be able to buy the right air machine for you.

Highest Air Pressure

The capacity of compressed air is a rating of an air compressor. So, the highest rating of an air compressor sector is the main criteria to rank a machine. Usually, the air compressor’s highest limit is 120 PSI to 150 PSI. 

It would be better to select an air compressor based on your workload and work variety. Interestingly, you can control the air pressure of the machine based on your need.

If you do not need heavy-duty work, go for a medium-range air compressor to match your budget. So, find out the highest pressure you need for your task with an air compressor and select one based on that requirement. 


Air compressors another vital feature is air capacity. So, it would help if you gave importance to it too. Some air compressors have higher air capacity with huge size, and some are not. Usually, in the market, 6 gallons to 8-gallon air capacity air compressors are available.  

Higher air capacity can help to work long periods without using a pump and motor. So, you need to careful selecting air capacity for your work. 

There is a close relationship between the size of the tank and air capacity, and portability. You are so based on your work type, and requirement selects the best air machine for you. 

Motor Power

Each type of air compressor machine uses an oil-less pump and stores air with a pressurized tank. As a result, a pump gets its power to do its task from an electric motor or gas engine. 

Each option in this machine depends on electric power. So, the service of your air compressors depends on electric motor power. The machine can give 1 to 2 Horse Power, in Ampere forms like four amps- 6 amps, more rating, and better air compressor performance.

So, do not forget to check the motor power of your air machine. When you are spending money to buy any product, it is vital to check everything. A deep and close observation can ensure the best product for you.  

Air Flow Ranking

Now we will talk about the airflow ranking of the air compressor. Mainly, airflow ranking is a very vital part that you must check before you buy one air machine. One can quickly check airflow ranking by doing some simple steps.

First, we will suggest you check the machine’s CFM; it will help you get airflow ranking. But, you should not forget one thing that the airflow ranking can change for different pressure.

So, you have to check those ratings that are within 3.5 CFM to 2.5 CFM. Most of the time, people skip these sorts of things, and they suffer after the product. So, do not forget to check each item to select the best machine for you.

Form and Size Factor

Mainly, air machines get used in home and office. And they come in different forms and size factors. So, it is also an important part to check its size before you buy. Here, we will suggest you buy one small size air machine for home use.

But if you want to buy an air machine for industrial usages, you can go for this big size. It matters very little of the size of the machine. If you do not have any significant issue with a small size, then go for it.

Because a small size machine requires a little place too and you can quickly fix it in your small garage. So, we recommend going for a 6-gallon device that comes in small size and form.

Maintenance Guidelines with Tips 

We hope that all the above info will help you to select the best air machine. But do not think that your duty is done. After buying your air machine, you have to take care of it properly. Even you have to follow and maintain all proper guidelines to use a device for a lifetime.

If you do not maintain guidelines, then your air compressor will not be with you. Well, we’re going to give some maintenance guidelines that you should never miss after buying a machine.

First of all, you have to drain your device after use. If you do not clean it properly, then an air tank will get rust. And day by day, your machine will lose its effectiveness. Moreover, you have to use the device regularly to keep it active.If not, there might be a great chance of getting a compressor cranky. Well, you will get one instruction-level from the company. So, always check instructions to get better service from your machine. Those are all about Bostitch 3-tool compressor combo kit reviews.

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Some FAQs about BOSTITCH 6 Gallon Air Compressor

Well, the machine should offer enough air pressure for using one framing nailer. However, we do not recommend using this thing for covering.
Usually, the hose comes in the same size. The size of the hose is ¼ inch that fits very perfectly.
Firstly, the air compressor comes from the USA by DECKER and STANLEY BLACK. But CE means that machines are made with the standard European design.
Yes, by checking the manual, everyone can use the machine very quickly. Also, people may use a device for various DIY purposes.

The Bottom Line 

That’s all about BOSTITCH 6 gallon air compressor review. We are at the end of today’s air machine discussion. We hope the above details will support you to select the best machine for you. But, you have to follow all provided tips and tricks properly.

If you skip info, then it would be an excellent obstacle to selecting the best item. Once you choose the right machine, then your duty will be to take care of your machine. 

So, you have to maintain the guidelines that you get throughout this content. Lastly, we will suggest you note down all tips and tricks to keep them with you forever.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

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