Best Air Compressor for Painting 2022

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If you are searching for the best air compressors for painting your home decors or cars or anything you want then it is the right place for you. When you want to make something more vibrant, painting is an obvious one that you must go one. 

In modern days, Air compressors are highly diversified with extraordinary functional options to provide support for different issues. Painting is one of those issues in which humans can get superb fun using air compressors.

Beginning of summer or pastime is the best time to re-lighten your favorite and useful materials once again. We are here to tell you how easily and pleasantly you can make your gorgeous accessories more vibrant. In this article, We will describe ins and out of 7 best air compressors for painting to clarify the benefits, key features, buying guidelines, maintenance procedures,  lackings, pricing, and many more. We hope this analysis will help you to facilitate your purchase decision and to prepare a complete image of the best air compressors for painting.

Best Air Compressor for Painting (Comparison)

We prepared a comparison chart in the following to facilitate your selection process criteria. We hope this chart will affect your purchasing decision and will help you to buy the right one.




Best Air Compressor for Painting

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 - Gravity HVLP Spray System, Blue

PORTER CABLE Air Compressor 6 Gallon Pancake Oil Free C2002

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor, 6-Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free (C2002)

Quincy Qt 54 splash lubricated reciprocating air compressor

Quincy QT-54 Splash Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressor

Master Airbrush Multi Purpose Gravity Feed Airbrush System Kit with Model G22 Gravity

Master Airbrush Multi-purpose Gravity Feed Dual-action Airbrush Kit 

Wolo air rage heavy duty Compressor

Wolo (860-C) Air Rage Heavy-Duty Compressor

Rolair VT25BIG 2.5 HP Wheeled Compressor with Overload Protection and Manual Reset

Rolair VT25BIG 2.5 HP Wheeled Compressor with Overload Protection and Manual Reset

PI.5IU A9 2hpm gal single stage compressor 1151

P1.5IU-A9 2hp 20 gal Single-Stage Compressor (115/1)

1. Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro 2 – Gravity HVLP Spray System, Blue

Fuji semi-pro 2 features a powerful 1400 watt 2 stage motor and a dedicated fan control system with the M model spray gun. The powerful motor, able to produce 5-6 CFM, is the special factor for which you should look out for it. But, this pro version compressor adds some additional beneficial facts that make it one of the most desirable air buckets in the market. 

Through the dedicated fan control system, you can easily control the spray from 1†circular to 12†oval pattern and can also generate the horizontal, vertical, and circular application. This fan system control is also responsible for minimization of over spraying and less wastage behavior of fuji 2203semi-pro 2.

Best Air Compressor for Painting

Key Features

  • Powerful 1400 watt 2-stage motor
  • 400 cc gravity cup
  • M model non-bleed spray gun
  • Metal turbine case
  • Adjustable fan pattern control system
  • 25 ft hose with air control valve
  • Stainless nozzle and needle
  • Handy gun holder
  • Metal turbine case
  • 5-gallon air bucket

Stainless nozzle, Metal turbine case, and handy gun holder with the powerful motor and super fan control system let the air tool be capable of providing multiple advantages.  

The energetic motor combined with a lot of beneficial factors mentioned earlier to keep supporting you continuously makes it more professional air compressors for spraying through the customers.


  • Powerful 2 stage motor 
  • Minimization of overspray 
  • Allowance of multiple air cup size 
  • Less wastage 
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance 
  • Excellent control over the machine


  • Heavier and less convenient spray gun 
  • Much loud noise generator
  • Bulky air hose

2. PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor, 6-Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free (C2002)

Porter-cable store is a very stylish air compressor in comparison to others combining the key beneficial facts. Porter-Cable generates 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI, which is a very effective rate of air pressure to fill anything and to paint as well. It is perfect for filling anything you want, ranging from tires to nailers. The maximum 150 PSI indicates the maximum capacity of generating air pressure to ensure quality painting. The porter-cable store is also designed with two regulator procedures for supporting two users. This is an oil-free pump known for its high durability and super support. It is one of the best air compressors for painting furniture as it has a fantastic shape for moving from one place to another.

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor, 6-Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free (C2002)

Key Features

  • 150 PSI maximum air tank. 
  • 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI. 
  • Six-gallon pancake style tank including water drain valve and rubber feet.
  • The 120-volt motor features easy start-up. 
  • Oil-free pump. 
  • 30 LBS for easy portability.  

The 120-volt induction motor of Porter cable makes sure quick start-up and a quality compressor performance. This super motor is capable of building air pressure quickly and sustaining the pressure for a long time. 

This compressor is perfectly styled with a six-gallon pancake tank which is able to secure a maximum range of air at the box to color anything in your house. The pancake-style compressors always look good with the benefit of being highly adaptable.


  • Highly portable.
  • Easy fitting styling. 
  • Quick pressure building and sustaining the pressure for long.
  • Super induction motor.
  • Convenience to use and carry.
  • Two user-friendly systems.


  • Noisy and vibrated machine
  • Chessy drain valve.

3.  Quincy Qt-54 Splash Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressor

Quincy QT-54 splash lubricated reciprocating air compressor is made with US Baldor motor combined with a capacitor motor start-up, 30,000 hrs pump life, 60-gallon air tank, Stationary compressor, and Vertical tank size It is a long-lasting air supplier tool which is highly used for industrial heavy-duty and the best compressors for painting cars at home as well. It is considered as one of the great products for its super efficiency of producing more compressed air at a lower horsepower. This compressor is professionally engineered to perform heavy industrial jobs. It also has advantage to run at a slower RPM.

Quincy Qt-54 splash lubricated reciprocating air compressor

Key Features

  • Low costing professional tool
  • US made baldor motor
  • Capacitors startup 
  • Drain line accessibility
  • Working Pressure (PSI): 140-175, Max. PSI: 175,
  • Material for industrial duty
  • Long-lasting supporting compressor

This is a super product for industrial utilization as it has a huge tank made with a Baldor motor with a capacitor start-up. Low operating cost and longer service life are also adjourned with its professionalism to enhance its acceptance towards customers.


  • Compressor for life
  • Professional air tools
  • Lowers operating cost
  • Industrial heavy grade


  • Louder machine 

4. Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Gravity Feed Airbrush System Kit with Model G22 Gravity

Master Airbrush is a professional airbrushing system combining a high-performance airbrush with a 0.3mm needle & nozzle that allows you to spray from 1-1/2″ wide patterns. The user-friendly behavior of this compressor gets high preference from beginners to artists as well. 

The 6 foot braided air hose and Compressor mounted airbrush holder (able to Hold 2 airbrushes at a time) provides a smooth using experience to the user. Master Airbrush is a super deal for beginners as it offers a perfect airflow for painting. The low volume sound generating function also adds advantages for the user that other air compressors failed to offer.

Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Gravity Feed Airbrush System Kit with Model G22 Gravity

Key Features

  • It offers super brushing experience and accurate spray control
  • Great airbrush for beginners and students
  • Professional high-performance powerful 1/5 horsepower single-piston airbrush
  • Master airbrush is able to deliver a high air volume of 0.7 cfm and Operates quietly at 59 db
  • It allows for precise adjustment of airflow

If you are searching for the best compressor for painting miniature then it is the perfect option for you. It is one of those oil-free air compressors which needs low maintenance as it automatically turns itself off when the unit becomes overheated. ’s water trap filter and pressure regulator gauge adds a superior air control system.


  • Easy to use
  • Great deal for beginners
  • High performing professional airbrushing system.


  • Limited power capacity
  • Complex assemble and disassemble function.

5. Wolo Air Rage Heavy-Duty Compressor

Wolo Air Rage heavy-duty Compressor is a high-pressure compressor built with a permanent oil-free magnet motor.

The super qualitiful materials of the Compressor allow it to carry high volume air. This is a 120 PSI air compressor which is able to produce 3.5 CFM at 100 PSI. The Excellent CFM producing range makes it one of the desirable Compressors for painting.

Metal mesh air filters secure the pump from all kinds of accidents. The hose is connected with a stainless steel braided outlet adjourning with a check valve.

Wolo air rage - heavy-duty Compressor

Key Features

  • Suitable for large volume air filling having a 5-gallon air tank
  • Shorter tank recovery time as producing 3.5 CFM at 100 PSI
  • The compressor offers 100% duty cycle
  • A 12 volt heavy capacity motor balanced the precision
  • Metal mesh air filter, rubber bashing and stainless steel braided outlet hose make this compressor super-efficient and worthwhile

This low budget machine has a good name for it’s fantastic external body structure. If you want a machine that is a budget offering but provides fantastic support and looks superior from outside then wolo air rage is a good option for you.

Except for a quick CFM producing capacity this compressor combines Metal Mesh filter, Stainless steel braided outlet hose, quality brass fitting that enhances its acceptance to the customers.


  • Heavy-duty machine
  • Low budget pump
  • Super effective


  • Noisy

6.  Rolair VT25BIG 2.5 HP Wheeled Compressor with Overload Protection and Manual Reset 

Rolair VT25BIG 2.5 HP Wheeled Compressor with Overload Protection and Manual Reset is a great power house featuring a 340 RPM motor, splash lubrication, iron cylinder, electric corded power source, wheeled system, stainless steel reed valve, and ease control panel.

This compressor has splash lubrication which makes sure of its durability. The iron cylinder of Rolair VT25BIG helps to hold the pressure into the tank perfectly. Electric corded power source ensures immediate start-up function. The Compressor is featured with stainless steel reed valves which is highly known for safety ensuring factor. The control panel is very much simple including a regulator gauge and 2 quick disconnects. The whole exclusive features make it one of the best compressors for painting cars among all.

Rolair VT25BIG 2.5 HP Wheeled Compressor with Overload Protection and Manual Reset

Key Features

  • 2.5 hp 3400 RPM motor.
  • 6.5 CFM at 90PSI
  • Splash lubrication
  • Iron cylinder
  • Electric corded power source
  • Heavy-duty wheels for better movement.

The 2.5 hp 3400 RPM motor makes this compressor a very special one for heavy and continuous use. The heavy duty wheels with fold down handle makes it super user friendly and  easily movable Compressor compared with others.. 

Continuous duty, heavy materials used, Essy moveable, Fold-down handle, super-fast startup, electric corded power source, iron cylinder and splash lubrication makes this compressor one of the Most highly desirable Compressors to the users.


  • Long lasting service providing.
  • Professional and reliable compressor
  • Immediate start up


  • Hard drain valve

7.  PI.5IU-A9 2hpm Gal Single-Stage Compressor ( 115/1) 

PI.5IU-A9 2hpm gal single-stage compressor is an oil lube 30-gallon tank with 2 horsepower, designed for belt-drive operation of only a very low noise level of 80 dBa.

Oil-lube drain design responsible for its great functional operation. This is one of the portable air compressors connected with an ergonomic handle to facilitate transportation. It has a great feature of 80 dbA low noise level and an easily accessible side drain valve makes it an exceptional one in comparison with others.

This compressor is well known for its superb efficiency as it runs with synthetic lubricants. The 20-gallon tank is capable of producing 5.2 CFM at 90PSI which is a good suit for performing painting. Iron cylinder frame and protective belt guard ensures its sustainability in comparison with others.

PI.5IU-A9 2hpm gal single-stage compressor ( 1151)

Key Features

  • Portable wheels function is great for homes and industry use.
  • 135 PSI maximum operating pressure with 2 horsepower compressors.
  • Sustainable iron frame and cylinder.
  • Oil-lube driven machine to ensure better operation.
  • Easy accessible drain valve and ergonomic handle for super transportation.

This is one of those compressors which is perfectly designed with user-friendly style as it has an ergonomic handle, easily accessible side drain valve, low noise producing, and automatic start/stop pressure control system. It has a very useful and excellent spray gun for so many people call it the spray gun for paint.

This compressor is a user-friendly air tool which features a lot of beneficial advantages into a single machine such as portability, low noise, ergonomic handle, simple side drain valve and auto start/stop control system. To perform your job well, the positive factors make this compressor one of the most desirable ones among others.


  • Portable design
  • User friendly
  • Low noise
  • Long-lasting


  • Shorter warranty period

Buying Guideline/Factors to Check Out while Purchasing

PSI Level

PSI involved in creating air pressure per square inch by the air compressors. To paint a material the pressure that comes from the compressor is a crucial factor to look out for. If the proper pressure can not be produced by the compressors then the perfect airflow may not be gained so you may have to face troubles while painting. Larger materials like industrial materials need 100-120 PSI than smaller tools like furniture or cars need 70-90 PSI.

Airflow Requirements

Painting requires a proper airflow generated from the spray guns as it sets the air pressure to the materials. Airflow pressure is measured by a term called CFM (cubic feet per minute). CFM relates to calculating the airflow amount in a minute. Heavy equipment such as Industrial materials needs a larger CFM capacity (6-10) than light equipment like chairs needs lower CFM capacity (1-5). You have to take CFM into account while purchasing Air compressors because your equipment’s CFM level must be matched with your compressor CFM production.


Air compressor needs to run continuously to paint a material so you need to check the noise level and how the motor sounds as well. If a high volume harsh sound is generated through the air compressor then that must be strongly prohibited.

Storage Size

We always recommend selecting a light and small 6-gallon air compressor tank as it will make things easier for you from carrying to painting. You can paint all of your home equipment with a Small air tank. You have to go for large storage tanks if you want to use the compressor for heavy industrial tools or your business needs a heavy one otherwise a small tank is perfect enough for you.

Weight, Materials, and Durability

High-quality materials can ensure the lightweight of your compressor and enlarge durability as well. You need to examine the quality materials used in the tank, hose, and wires connected with the air compressor. You can take care easily if the compressor is light weighted and it also enhances durability.

Maintenance Guideline

  • Users always face troubles with starting up the compressor involved in maintaining a proper PSI and CFM level. Nothing to worry about, you just need to set the PSI level relating to your tools necessary according to your user manual. You can increase and decrease the pressure easily by turning the gauge clockwise or anticlockwise to adjust.
  • Check your energy level (oil, gasoline, etc) on a regular basis and change those immediately when necessary. You must make sure of a quality energy source and always try to keep the fresh power sources in it.
  • Read the user manual properly, watch videos relating to air compressors, and get advice from the prior users to achieve proper connecting knowledge of it. You need to ensure Proper connection of the valve according to your user manual guide while fighting the compressor. 
  • Maintain a record of how long your compressor tank lasts and compare it with the previous results to judge efficiency.

Compressor Villa always tries to facilitate buyers purchasing decisions containing customer-friendly product articles. There is a list below from which you can get various related articles that can make your purchase decision much more worthwhile and effective.

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Some FAQs About Best Air Compressor for Painting

Customers want to have air compressors which are light-weighting as they can carry and use those hassle-free. For this reason, Small size air compressors are getting high acceptance by the customers for it’s easy use and carrying support. Compressorvilla’s recommendation is that a 6-gallon air compressor is perfect enough for painting home decors such as furniture and crafts, But if you want to paint large size materials then you should go for 20-gallon air compressors.
Whatever the size is, we recommend that a compressor of more than 90 PSI is maximum enough for a spray gun for painting your household materials from furniture to car everything. You have to emphasize more the PSI level of the compressor rather than the tank size while doing spray painting. Spray painting requires a perfect number of PSI levels to generate a certain amount of CFM and does not require a big air tank at all. In the past, a large size air tank was accepted for spray painting but nowadays tank size is customized with various designs which are able to hold a huge amount of air in the tank.
CFM stands for cubic feet per minute which measures the air generating pressure amount per minute. The CFM level depends on which spray gun you used to paint your tools. There are two different types of spray gun: high volume high pressure (HVLP) and low volume low pressure (LVLP). A 90 PSI HVLP spray gun needs 6-10 CFM level to paint a tool where A 40 PSI LVLP needs 1-5 CFM level.
Of course, you can paint a car with a 20-gallon air compressor. A 20-gallon air compressor is maximum enough to paint a car at a time. You can also paint a car with a 6-gallon small air compressor but you need to fill the air several times while painting that is a little bit uncomfortable. Thus a 20-gallon air compressor is the perfect one which you can choose to paint a car at a time.
An HVLP (high volume high pressure) spray gun needs to have 90 PSI air pressure from the tank to generate 5-10 range CFM. So when you want to use an HVLP spray gun for painting then you have to ensure more than 90 PSI air pressure from the tank. There are so many 125,135 and 165 PSI holding 6-gallon compressors available that you can easily use for painting.
An HVLP spray gun can be able to produce a fluctuated pace of air. While painting sometimes you need a medium level of air pace to cover the material and sometimes you want a high air pace to paint a particular area of the material. You can change the air ace as you wish by changing the regulator connecting with the HVLP spray gun. This regulator option makes the HVLP spray a better option for spraying in comparison with others.

Final Thoughts

Air compressors convert the power source (gas, oil, electricity) to compressed air for filling pneumatic tools with air. In this article, we tried to find one of the versatile usages of air compressors as the best air compressor for painting. For your better understanding, we try to focus on setting up, adjusting procedures, maintenance, lookout factors, key features, benefits, lackings, etc.

Air compressor does not box out its performance only to fill pneumatic tools but it has perfectly diversified its function in many ways. To do your job right there are some basic learning proceedings which you should acquire before purchasing an air compressor for painting. 

If you have any queries, please contact us.

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